Completely Avoid Distractions

It is not wrong to relax in the midst of studying. But that relaxation should not be in the form of watching TV, listening to music, going to parties. These activities, even though relaxing will change your mood and may linger in your mind for long after. So coming back to the studying spirit becomes […]

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Give weight to important Chapters

Important chapters would often be mentioned to you by your teachers. Other than that if you refer previous few years question paper, you may note down the questions that get repeated. First, you have to prepare for those questions.

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Make your Timetable

Scheduling your study time and sticking to that is essential for successful preparation. The timetable has to be prepared in such a way that there are enough breaks.It is always better to start with the toughest subject and then move on to easier ones.It is al

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Preparing Mentally

The first step is to be mentally prepared. Rather than focus on passing/Failing or the score? The primary focus should be the effort that will go into the preparation

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